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Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Gel Pads



Suitable for all kinds of scars

Suitable for hypertrophic scars; pregnancy stretch marks; acne scars; keloid scars; sunken scars. Also suitable for other scars caused by surgery, burns, dermatitis, cosmetics, erosion of the skin due to infection or chemicals, frost and dryness.

Safety & quality guarantee

SGS approved products and a professional sterile production workshop

Large size, 3.5 x 12 cm, suitable for C-section scars

For small sized scars, this scar patch can be cut into smaller pieces.

Features and specifications:

Suitable for:

Hypertrophic scars, pregnancy stretch marks, acne scars, keloid scars, sunken scars

Also for other scars caused by surgery, burns, dermatitis, cosmetics, erosion of skin due to infection or chemicals, frost and dryness.

Notes of treatment:

1) The scar patch can be reused and is washable. It can not be placed on wounds which have not yet healed; Each patch can be used for up to 25 days, the suggested time is 15 days;

2) 4 hours per day for the first 2 days, 8 hours per day for the following 2 days, after which add 2 hours per day until reaching 24 hours per day;

3) A full treatment consists of 2 months, in order to ensure efficacy, it is recommended to buy at least 3 patches;

4) If you need to attach the patches on joints or other movable positions, you can use bandages or medical tape to help it stay in place.



Self-adhesive silicone scars patch

The best time to use this scar away treatment patch:

Scar hyperplasia occurs between 1 and 6 months. This patch can be used after the wound has healed, usually after 20 to 30 days, in the absence of proliferation of scar before the best. This scar patch is also efficient on old scars, you will simply have to use it for a longer time.




The scar healing mechanism:

The increase of capillary activity and the continued production of collagen is what brings to the formation of hypertrophic scars. Microvascular changes are an important factor for scar formation and disappearance.

WVTR (water vapor permeability) of the silicone scar patch is 1/4 of that of the skin. Long time application of the silicone scar patch makes the scar gradually adapt to the environment.

it reduces the moisture thereby inhibiting the activity of the capillaries. The area underneath the silicone scar patch is subjected to a certain pressure and then it leads to tissue ischemia. The collagen fiber’s growth capability is lowered in the hypoxic condition caused by the tissue ischemia. The collagen and capillary production is decreased, therefore the scar decreases and prevents the formation of scar hyperplasia.

Another function of the silicone gel film is the release of low molecular silicone oil, which promotes the separation of necrotic tissues from the wound, promotes epithelial cell regeneration and prevents the skin moisture from evaporating, thereby also playing a role in inhibiting capillary hyperplasia.



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